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Dinner :: Hot Italian Pork Sausage & Brussels Sprouts with Bucatini Pasta

Dinner tonight was the Hot Italian Pork Sausage & Brussels Sprouts with Bucatini Pasta from Blue Apron.

Hot Italian Pork Sausage Pasta

It was delicious! I forgot to add back in some of the pasta sauce and it did dry out, so I should have done that step. But the flavor was great. It was NOT hot at all however. So when remaking this one,  pick a really hot sausage.

Hot Italian Pork Sausage Pasta

If you’re getting this from Blue Apron, add some chili flakes if you want spicy.

It was super easy and minimal clean up too.

The Recipe on Blue Apron: Hot Italian Pork Sausage & Brussels Sprouts with Bucatini Pasta

Hot Italian Pork Sausage Pasta


Meal kits

Dinner :: Mongolian Beef and Noodles

Tonight I made the Mongolian Beef & Noodles from Blue Apron.

meal kit prep

This was…fine. I just had such high hopes. This sounded so good and it was just bland. I ended up adding salt, pepper and soy sauce to the  dish while eating it, and it still just tasted like cornstarch. It was almost gummy.

So I would probably not order this kit again, but I may make it again. I would just use way less cornstarch and add some more flavoring to the meat before cooking. Maybe that would help.

Anyway, I made a short video if you want to see it.

But here’s the end result.

Mongolian Beef Dish

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Dinner :: Calabrian Shrimp & Orzo

Last night I made the Calabrian Shrimp & Orzo with Tomatoes & Parmesan Cheese from Blue Apron. 

Calabrian Shrimp Ingredients

The sauce was creamy and rich, the hot chili paste was great (I used all of it) and made it quite spicy. So it had salty (capers & cheese), sweet (tomatoes & shrimp) and hot (chili). I thought it was fantastic.

Greg didn’t seem as enthused as I was and said it needed a salad. That’s fair, there really wasn’t any veg in here other than the tomatoes which we all know are technically fruit.

Calabrian Shrimp finished


If you want to try it, email me and I can get you a free box (if you’ve never used them before). I get nothing for referring you, you just get a free box.