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Experiment :: One-Pan Egg Toast

After seeing this on TikTok for a month or so, I finally called “uncle” and tried this.

Let’s just say the first try was not a success.

toast with egg on it
What a shame, had to throw out 2 slices of yummy Dave’s Killer Bread.

I forgot that I was supposed to flip the bread so that it was eggy on both sides…which isn’t actually suggested in all videos, but should probably be done. My other issue is that the egg stuck to the pan and I couldn’t flip it.

pan with egg stuck to it

Second attempt was much better. I used only one piece of bread (Dave’s Killer Bread…it’s the best) and I flipped the bread so it had egg on both sides.

eggs in a pan with toast
Freshly flipped bread

This time I was able to flip it.

eggs in pan with bread
the whole thing, flipped

I filled it with turkey, cheese and sliced scallions.

eggs with turkey, cheese and scallions
Filled the sandwich

After folding the egg in, and putting it together, I flipped it one more time.

Finished sandwich
I flipped it once it was all closed up

It was delicious!

Finished sandwich
Ta-da! The finished product.


I used Dave’s Killer Bread from Imperfect Foods.

Use my link and get $10 off your first box. Full disclosure, I get $10 too.

Experiments Food Recipes Tried

Dinner :: Chef John’s Salisbury Steak

One night when my husband and I were watching TV a conversation came up on Salisbury Steak. I think he said he didn’t like it, and I said I loved it and would make a good one for him to prove it.

However, my bravado wrote a check that my skills couldn’t cash. My favorite Salisbury Steak is this one.

Swansons TV dinner from the 70s

Those silky potatoes and that chocolate cake was sooo good, even when it burned a little. But the steaks were so tasty and that gravy!? *Swoon*

Also, I used to work at a place that provided lunch for staff and their Salisbury Steak was the BOMB! They didn’t make it in house, it was from a food service company. So it was like school lunch, but better.

[Update] I just found out that the food we were served at work was…..{drum roll please…} STOUFFERS!! ]

So I did some digging and I already had a few Salisbury recipes in my cookbook (I use CopyMeThat). The one that had the most stars (given by me) was the one from Home Chef. Here’s how it came out when I made it then:

HomeChef Salisbury Steak
Home Chef Salisbury Steak

The sauce looks too creamy and light colored for what I wanted.

So, I kept looking. When I Googled it, I realized that Chef John from Food Wishes had a recipe. So I watched the video again and decided to use this one.

Mushrooms and onions sauteing

I did make the meat ahead and let it rest in the refrigerator, as suggested. What I didn’t love is the ketchup. Something in it felt not quite right and I think it’s the ketchup. He does say in the video that his recipe is more like meatloaf and I guess I don’t really like that aspect. If I want meatloaf I’ll just make that.

Salisbury Steak
Finished Salisbury Steak

This was good, but I think the Home Chef one was better.  Note, there are 2 HC Salisbury recipes, one is “steak” and the other one is meatballs. I liked them both and rated them both 4 stars, but they are different.

Maybe I have to take things from all three of these recipes and make one of my own with them as guides.

What’s your favorite recipe for Salisbury Steak?

Salisbury Steak
Bonus photo, Salisbury Steak

The beef, mushrooms, and beans were from Imperfect Foods. Use my link and get $10 off your first box. (Full disclosure, I get $10 off too.)

Experiments Food Reviews

Product :: Dash Waffle Maker

I saw this cute waffle iron on Tiktok and had to have it. I found it in Amazon packaged with a cookbook.

I had bought a box of Bisquick as I remembered from my childhood that all you had to do was add water (I remembered wrong).

So I made the batter but I didn’t need 12 of these today so I poured half the batter into a container and saved it for tomorrow.

To the half I had out, I added garlic powder, pepper, a tiny pinch of salt, and about 1\4 cup of shredded cheese.

I sprayed the Dash with cooking spray and I used a 1\4-cup measuring cup to pour the batter into the Dash.

I didn’t time how long it took to cook them but it was maybe 5-7 minutes per waffle.

Just be sure not to overfill!
dash waffle iron, overfilled

These were delicious! This little gem is easy to use, easy to clean (even if you overfill as I did) and if you get the one with the cookbook it’s an even better value.

I served my cheesy waffles with an egg and bacon (sugar-free).

Mini Waffles and Eggs on a plate

I can recommend this product, it’s cute and works well!


Breakfast :: Poached Eggs in the Instant Pot

This morning I made poached eggs in the Instant Pot and it sorta worked…

Instant Pot Poached Eggs
Silicone egg bites tray

Method: I cooked them for 4 minutes on high pressure, quick release. Then I turned off the pot, put the lid on and let them sit for about another 3 minutes because I was getting the rice ready.

Result: They stuck even though I had a ton of spray on the egg bite tray.
One was just right, the other egg had gooby whites.

Eggs on Rice

They also are a weird shape, but this is much easier than dealing with boiling water, swirling, the egg white flying all over and the clean up of doing in the old fashioned way.

Poached Eggs on Rice
Finished product served on leftover Chinese restaurant pork fried rice and sprinkled with salt, pepper and togarashi.

This is the recipe that I used as a guide:

Instant Pot Poached Eggs from Tidbits

This is similar to the set I bought. Apparently the one I got is no longer available.

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Update, I tried this again today (November 14, 2020) and still put them on high for 4 minutes, but this time I used the top of the egg tray. It appeared that they were still super wet in the middle and too goopy so I put them in for another minute and that resulted in basically hard boiled. So I guess I’d leave the top off, or go less time. I only had two eggs in the tray and the recipe says less time for more eggs. So if doing a full tray, 4 minutes would be too long.

egg on avocado toast

Also my phone likes to think it knows better when I’m taking pictures of food and does a weird setting that makes most of the photo blurry. If I forget to turn this off, the photo is wonky. Sorry. Hey, the pepper looks great!