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Review :: Hello Fresh Lemon Tortelloni Palermo

Another great dish from Hello Fresh. This is the Lemon Tortelloni Palermo with Roasted Bell Pepper & Parmesan. It’s another vegetarian dish.

finished Lemon Tortelloni Palermo
Lemon Tortelloni Palermo

If you’re curious about the difference between tortelloni and tortellini I’ll tell you!

Tortelloni is a bit larger and “the extremities closed differently”. Extremities! How cute is that? My pasta has arms and legs!

Also, tortellini is usually filled with meat, and tortelloni is filled with cheese and parsley or spinach.

prep for Lemon Tortelloni Palermo
Prep for Lemon Tortelloni Palermo, note how they gave me the upside-down tortelloni. Tasted the same.

Making this dish went off without a hitch. It was easy and quick and delicious.

finished Lemon Tortelloni Palermo
Lemon Tortelloni Palermo, did not need the extra squeezes of lemon. Those went in drinks later.

Of course, since it’s vegetarian Greg had to eat a whole package of salami half an hour later. Even though I’m sure this was very high in calories with the butter, cream cheese and sour cream. If I were to make this on my own, I might lighten it up a bit. But I’d probably just order it from Hello Fresh again.

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