Shaker and Spoon Box 1, cocktails 2 and 3

We made the last two drinks from our first Shaker and Spoon box, Brush of the Bush and El Palenque.
el palenque
El Palenque
El Palenque uses pineapple and ginger beer. This one was good, but a little too sweet for me. Almost syrupy. I happily drank one, but wouldn’t want more than one per sitting.

Next up…
Brush of the Bush
Brush of the Bush uses sage-agave syrup, cherry bitters and a spray of white sage. This one was sort of like an Old Fashioned. Also a bit syrupy but since it’s more of a sipper, it was a little easier to drink. It was delicious!

Of the three drinks for this box, my favorite was the Abstract Distraction. It was light and smooth and refreshing. I’d make this one again in a heartbeat.
I look forward to future boxes!

Get your own here: Shaker and Spoon

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